Our guide will help you to get the most out of your event The guide offers a live and constructive discussion, which is the focus of the forum, in which you have your hometown. Everything you need to know is here in 9 free simple steps We


Share The City: Mapping the Post-communist Status Quo

Anyone who knows BG Be Active close knows how great our passion is about innovating urban spaces with the help of communities, creating social space and activating people to take the lead in this process. Western good practices are many, inspiring and seemingly feasible, but

Impact Volunteering* – A Strategy For Engaging Volunteers

This is a strategy that aims to involve volunteers and identify and solve social problems with the municipal government and administration involved. It is a reciprocal process in which citizens and local authorities develop a common strategy, define short-term and long-term goals for their community,

european school sport day bg be active

European Day of Sport at School – Guide

The European Day of Sport at School is a pan-European initiative; our goal is to become available to all European countries. The main purpose of this event is to promote physical activity on an international level and involve as many students, schools and organizations as possible. This is a

move & learn bgba

MOVE & LEARN – Education Through Sport

Наръчникът "MOVE & LEARN - Образование чрез спорт" е предназначен за всички експерти в сферата на образованието, както и спортни инструктори, които биха желали да се запознаят с неформалното обучение, чрез използване на иновативни методи в начина си на работа, както и да разнообразят и


Active School Communities – SPORTS ORGANIZATION GUIDE

Тhis detailed guide is intended to support sports organizations, regardless of their current level. Beginners will find useful details and tips, while at the same time others may not need so much information, but can use the manual to check and improve their current practice. To


Active School Communities – SELF-ASSESSMENT TOOL

It is a self-assessment tool for sports organizations to assess their commitment and ability to work in the school environment to increase physical activity among all young people. By systematically working through the issues used in this tool, you will help your organization determine its


School to move-It’s cool to move

In 2018, BG Be Active became an active participant of the new project “School to move is a great move”, which collaborates with organizations from five European countries. The project aims to create a manual targeting promotion of physical activity, sports and healthy habits in

My Healthy Diary

"Дневник на моето здраве" е наръчник, който ще ви помогне да водите здравословен начин на живот. Освен това, той предоставя множество съвети, интересни и полезни факти, както и информация свързана с нашето тяло и това как да разпознаваме ключовите рискови фактори, свързани със здравословното ни

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